Travelling & Shopping | Ratlam & Indore

When you're bullied by your husband to take a sandwich leave from your workplace & travel to his hometown to attend a friend's wedding, that's how a weekend trip comes into being. Hello dear reader! I hope you enjoyed reading my post where I spoke about my carefree days when my in-laws were here on … Continue reading Travelling & Shopping | Ratlam & Indore


Shopping Therapy | Melange By Lifestyle & Karigari

Hello! In my earlier journals, I have been chattering about how I shopped endlessly with my in-laws and how there was no end to it. Having shopped for quite a bit, I thought, a post on my favourite purchase and insights from my shopping spree? HowwBowwDahh? I was intending to shop at Lifestyle Stores essentially … Continue reading Shopping Therapy | Melange By Lifestyle & Karigari