Carefree Days | Parents On Visit

Hello! In my last post, I shared about how Prateek and I shifted to our new house with plentiful help from my mother-in-law and father-in-law. However nothing did I mention about my father-in-law, so here's a dedicated post to the man too. My mother-in-law, the superwoman as I quoted her, recently visited us accompanied with … Continue reading Carefree Days | Parents On Visit


Moving Into A New House | Prateek & Priyam

Hello! In my last post I shared about Prateek and me shifting to a new house, AND hurrrrayy, we did! We moved into a 2BHK on June 1, 2017 and it was nothing like a sunny or fiery morning as I was contemplating it to be, thanks to the month of May that promises a … Continue reading Moving Into A New House | Prateek & Priyam

Let’s Talk | What’s Happening In My Life

It’s been long since I penned down my Udaipur travel memoirs. Quite a lot has manifested since March. Oh we are in May presently. Realizations! Isn’t 2017 passing just like a flash? When I embarked on with my WordPress blog, I had plenty of time on my watch as I wasn’t working then. February & … Continue reading Let’s Talk | What’s Happening In My Life