The Love For | Saras Parlour Jaipur

As I shared that I am a lover of food wherein what I eat and what I drink is simple and comforting, this brings me to pen down about yet another favourite food joint of mine that’s simple and sustaining – The Saras Parlour in Jaipur. Now, there are quite a few shams associated with … Continue reading The Love For | Saras Parlour Jaipur


Weekend Dining | The Vegetarian Grill

I have always had an intense and sentimental relationship with food. Eating food gives me the kind of goosebumps that girls and women often get when they hear Ryan Gosling or for that matter George Clooney ladies? An unintelligent example I know, but food is the purest form of love for me. Also, having said … Continue reading Weekend Dining | The Vegetarian Grill