Weekend Dining | The Vegetarian Grill

I have always had an intense and sentimental relationship with food. Eating food gives me the kind of goosebumps that girls and women often get when they hear Ryan Gosling or for that matter George Clooney ladies?
An unintelligent example I know, but food is the purest form of love for me.

20 Of My Favorite Comfort Foods

Also, having said the above, I am a person who oftentimes tends to stick to her ‘usual’ when going to a restaurant, café or a diner. A ‘usual’ is like comfort food to me, no jitters of about what will turn up on your platter and whether or not will you like it. This being said, it’s quite conclusive that I am not a risk-taker when it comes to food because I like to eat simple and satisfying, instead of exploring new dishes and dealing with the remorse of a dish not making me feel happy and full.

Withal, contrary to what I am, my husband dearest, Prateek, is an absolute risk-taker for new dishes. I do warn him about the average and trivial concept of paisa vasool (value for money), but rather he still encourages me to order a new dish from the food itinerary and develop a zest for it and of course then make it a ‘usual’ if I like it. So the idea here is that he’s enriching my limited list of favourite food items.

Following all this, let’s plunge into my recent visit to the restaurant, TVG – The Vegetarian Grill in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

This was my second visit to the restaurant only because the first time I had visited the place, I had quite liked the food, as a matter of fact, I had loved the food there. So, it follows that a second visit there was due.

The weekend arrived and while Prateek and I were thinking of places to dine at, he suggested of dining at TVG. Well, my first response to this was in denial, considering the place has poor or let me say average interiors. A place not lit up with sufficient lights and to add to that the mundane and cheerless interior decor, the only anti-review I have of the place is this.

Also, as the theme goes by, ‘vegetarian’, the place apparently is bedecked with false fanciful plants both at the entrance and inside the restaurant. Do not visit the restaurant in hope of great décor, fancy lighting or trendy furniture. The sterling detail about the place is its lip-smacking and palatable food.

Previously when I had visited the restaurant, I had ordered a sweet corn soup as my appetizer and a platter of biryani and a country local feast pizza for my entrée.
The restaurant serves a sufficing serving on the platter for two people. Also, they serve water in a delightful flask. In my opinion, the water flask was quite dainty and exclusive from other restaurants and cafeterias that I have previously visited.

Coming to the food, the food is a delight at The Vegetarian Grill! The adept flavour and the heavenly aroma of food, TVG takes it away with its food. Take a bow chef at TVG, take a bow!

So, finally, the second visit I recently made at TVG, I went ahead and ordered my ‘usual’, the same one that I had ordered on my first visit to the restaurant – sweet corn soup and country local feast pizza. I parted ways with the biryani this time because it was a little spicy the last time I ate it and I am sensitive to eating spicy food. In place of the biryani, Prateek experimented yet again and went ahead to order the classic soya chaap. I reminded Prateek yet again of how he will suffer the grief of a bad dish, but he insisted and we went ahead and ordered it.

Dishes at TVG have little chance of turning out to be ill in taste. They’re filled with every flavour that’s required in a dish, be it spicy, tangy, sweet, sour or a mix of all.

Also, now you know my ‘usual’ pattern I believe, not a risk-taker at all while ordering food you see.

Having shared my experience of dining at The Vegetarian Grill and its appetizingly savory food, I would recommend people to go dining and give the place a try. Dine and share your experience!

Happy Eating & Happy Reading!


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