Travelling & Shopping | Ratlam & Indore

When you’re bullied by your husband to take a sandwich leave from your workplace & travel to his hometown to attend a friend’s wedding, that’s how a weekend trip comes into being.

Hello dear reader!

I hope you enjoyed reading my post where I spoke about my carefree days when my in-laws were here on a visit to Jaipur. Only soon after they left for Ratlam did Prateek and me decide to catch up with them soon again – and we travelled to Ratlam after sheer 13 days of them going back.

Jaipur – Ratlam – Indore – Jaipur. That’s how we’ll drive by in this post.

I was immensely reluctant and in denial the whole time for this trip because I did not want to end up taking a sandwich leave from my workplace honestly.
But, there were bigger reasons than my ‘sandwich’ apparently. My SIL was visiting Ratlam before flying to the US. The friend mentioned above is Prateek’s childhood friend & lastly, we get to visit home and parents.

Bleh sandwich, you don’t mean anything. Come on!

We have to take this trip. Will I go alone? I am booking the tickets, what about you? – Prateek probed.
He can go alone I thought, but I’d miss the holy good and abundant shaadi food. No, I thought to myself, I couldn’t bargain on that. Also, it was the first official appearance (I’d like to call it that) of Prateek and me before his friends after our marriage.
I certainly did not want him to end up eating all the good shaadi food alone and also be drowned with questions of ‘bhabhi kahan hai‘.

I went ahead and took a sandwich leave from my workplace and we left for Ratlam. We were scheduled to attend his friend’s sangeet ceremony on the day we reached Ratlam itself.
Having reached Ratlam on June 17, 2017, we went for the function straight in the evening. The wedding had 15 desserts out of 20 total food items. Hypothetically. What was I supposed to eat? Measure my misery!

Little had I recovered from the attack of desserts on me, we were due to leave and drive for Indore the next morning.

We were visiting Indore to drop my SIL off who had to take a flight to Hyderabad in the evening and we also had to shop accompanied with meeting a couple of our relatives in Indore. Meanwhile all this, there was only one thing that kept me going – shopping in Indore!

Have I started to sound like a maniac for shopping already?

Driving To Indore

Bring your attention to my expert driving skills which took Prateek by storm. Driving a car on a highway or let me simply put it this way – a woman driving a car is not welcomed by men. They cannot take it down their throat, their mind and their heart.

I drove the car effortlessly and at ease from Ratlam to Indore on the highway. I would have driven with greater efficiency and at greater ease had Prateek not intervened time and again about the different gears in the car or the potholes on the road or had he not made a swollen sunken face all throughout the time I was driving.

Prateek endlessly went on guiding me about the car, the traffic rules and my average driving skills (in his opinion). The endless automobile instructions just kept pouring in without them having being asked for. In annoyance, I simply asked him to drive the car and not irk me irrationally.

And boy, the moment I handed the keys of the car to Prateek to drive, the very same moment his face lit up like a happy child. A super happy child. Grhh.

Coming to Indore, the city was a pure bliss sincerely. I was not apprehending the city to charm me in any way but little and only little did I know about what was I thinking about the city in my head.
From streets to intersections, I admired the city entirely. With a plethora of MNCs and IT parks, Indore had lock, stock and barrel to offer. Street food, shopping malls and more, I secretly expressed to Prateek how I wouldn’t mind living and working in Indore.

On entering the city, my FIL took us to his workplace where he worked ahead of his retirement. We were in for a lovely treat!

Having worked in the fisheries department, it was given of him to visit lakes, ponds and farms where fishes were bred. The farm or I should rather say the farmhouse we visited was a residence to my in-laws for a couple of years back then and it was no less than nature’s ethereal delight for us.

Lush greens and foliage enclosing me densely, government quarters in the farmhouse area and gigantic man-made ponds for fish breeding, the fish farm was a pure delight. Along with the fish pond, we also visited Lake Bilawali in Indore itself which was spread over acres of land. Yet again, the lake was a pure beauty with its unending acreage.

Coming to shopping in Indore, I visited the Treasure Island mall, commonly known as the TI mall and had only an hour or little on my watch to shop. I visited the Pantaloons store and rummaged through dozens and dozens of clothes. I managed to secure another pant and kurta set.

IMG_1008 (2)

My excitement knew no bounds because ah, shopping and yet again, some more kurtas and pant set for my closet. I got a pant from the label Fusion Beats and the kurta from the label Indian Ink. I also purchased a wallet from the Pantaloons which I believe is the label Pantaloons itself, native to the store.

After driving back to Indore in the night, Prateek and I were due to leave for Jaipur the next morning.

Lastly, a little detail from my trip which may come across as unconnected but made me remarkably ecstatic was using a face scrub from Patanjali.
I recently used the Apricot Face Scrub by Patanjali and the wonders the product did. I am not an ardent user of Patanjali products but I went ahead and used the Apricot Face Scrub since my MIL had stocked on it in the shower room and I had forgotten to pack my scrub for the travel. I was bound to use it.

The Patanjali Apricot Scrub is a stunning product honestly. It leaves a creamy sensation post use and does not dry out your skin at all, contrary to what scrubs do after the exfoliation on the skin. Giving a clean, creamy and fragrant sensation, I wholeheartedly loved using the product. Go ahead and experiment a little with your scrub maybe?

Happy Reading.


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