Shopping Therapy | Melange By Lifestyle & Karigari


In my earlier journals, I have been chattering about how I shopped endlessly with my in-laws and how there was no end to it. Having shopped for quite a bit, I thought, a post on my favourite purchase and insights from my shopping spree? HowwBowwDahh?

I was intending to shop at Lifestyle Stores essentially given that I had not dropped in at the place for quite some time. Indeed, in the longest time ever, I had simply been delaying my visit for one reason or another. I had a firm impulse that I would love the garments there & I was ardently waiting to get my hands onto some kurtas and palazzos. Co-ord sets, mix & match kurtas & pants and oh so many ideas were whirling in my mind.

The day came. Whoopee! Whoopee!

Did someone say shopping? Shopping? Did I hear a whisper?
Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah!

Lifestyle Stores was not the only place I had on my mind for shopping. Only recently I had shopped for a kurta and a flared palazzo from the label Karigari. Karigari has an outlet in the very same mall I was visiting, MGF Metropolitan. Hence, visiting Karigari and Lifestyle Stores together was my plan.

I essentially purchased three kurtas & a pair of pants where two kurtas and the pant were from the label Melange By Lifestyle and one kurta from the store Karigari, label Yellow. All of my purchase items being presents from my MIL, my treasured pieces were a kurta and a pant picked individually to blend both and create a whole outfit. Both the kurta and the pants were from the label Melange By Lifestyle. Also, I had just picked up the kurta last minute before running out of the store to get some fresh air.

I had wrapped up my shopping and had selected only one kurta and the pair of pants then, where the pants had been picked only to be dropped at the billing counter because I just couldn’t find a well-suited kurta to match them with.

As I called out to my MIL for finalising everything and heading towards the billing counter, I passed by this kurta that I managed to look at from the corner of my eye.
Quite literally, from the corner of my eye. It was lovely indeed and well I had never dared to experiment with neon colours and I thought to myself about going ahead and giving the kurta a try.
The kurta had the same colour detailing as the pants that I had picked earlier and I knew I was picking it.
I just had to try the size and I had already paid the bill for it in my mind.

I tried my size and voilaaa, it fit me gorgeously. I made no delay in buying it. Every now and then I enjoy the warm and comfortable attire now. It’s cotton, it’s colourful, it’s fresh, it’s breathable, ah, it’s mine.

IMG_0995 (2)

Also, malls on weekends are so congested. You just cannot attempt to step into the fitting room at all, and if by any means you’re lucky to secure yourself a fitting room, you certainly cannot breathe in there because the air conditioning fails you and the rounds of garment change you take washes you out entirely.
Add some ‘FLAT 50’ sale going on to the above and you’re in for a taxing day lady. Women are ready to take on the third world war among each other in the queues outside the fitting rooms I tell you.

IMG_1001 (2)

Coming back to my purchases, I also bought another kurta from the label Melange By Lifestyle in a red shade with hints of golden specks on it because I felt I required some glitter in my closet. My last and final purchase for the day was a kurta from the store Karigari, label Yellow.

IMG_1000 (2)

Apart from shopping for myself, I also happened to purchase a kurta for my sister-in-law from Melange By Lifestyle. I guess my intuition for shopping at the Lifestyle Stores was cent percent correct. I managed to shop decently and yet quite a bit that day.

Meanwhile, amidst all the shopping and the garment try-on that I was taking in the fitting room, Prateek had totally given up on me. His energy on the periphery of collapsing, he just went ahead and found himself a seat and sat there. Can you imagine my heart wreck? Husband, phew.

And before I forget to pen down, I also gifted my MIL a body mist from The Body Shop (TBS) in the Vanilla fragrance as a present since mother’s day passed by only recently and who doesn’t love gifts? Mothers love presents too!

Just the excerpts, I hope to have written an interesting post to keep you engaged.

Happy Reading.


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