Carefree Days | Parents On Visit


In my last post, I shared about how Prateek and I shifted to our new house with plentiful help from my mother-in-law and father-in-law. However nothing did I mention about my father-in-law, so here’s a dedicated post to the man too.
My mother-in-law, the superwoman as I quoted her, recently visited us accompanied with my father-in-law in May and I thought, how about some excerpts to share on the blog from all the fun-filled days with them?

Here I am, ploughing back some fun, laughter and love from the month of May.

Also, does MIL and FIL sound fitting for the stretched mother-in-law and father-in-law words? Hoping them to be, let’s begin-

My MIL had her annual break from her school and ergo both of them flew down to visit us. Errmm, wait. Let me paint the right picture!

Dear mother and father came down to shower love on us. My MIL came to cook aalo parathas for us. She had been warned ahead of time that aalo parathas are a must and need to be cooked on day one of her arrival. The hunger and craving I was living in for the holy good aalo parathas. Oh, words cannot explain!

My MIL also came to spoil me for shopping. Prateek never lets me shop peacefully. He starts with his pretended I-am-fainting-act within 10 minutes of reaching a mall and keeps being cranky all the time. Speaking of this, he’s a pure non-believer of window-shopping and I am a pure believer of window shopping in contrast.

Image result for man dizzy  clipartWho does that?
I mean earnestly, how will one figure out what new stuff has set foot in the market?
Who will gaze at the new stuff that’s put in the malls and the counters of supermarkets?
One is ought to have a look and be abreast with the world at least.

Related image

And wait, did I just steal my MILs thunder halfway? Blimey!

Just got swayed away with husband dearest’s acts. Coming back, I shopped quite a bit with my MIL and oh boy, nothing less than a “Jo jo pasand aa raha hai, woh sab lelo”. 

My MIL also came to gift me some extra hours of peaceful sleep.
Did someone just utter the word sleep? Sleep? Sleep? Yes.
Sleep, sleep and sleep some more in the morning. What kindness!

Sleep clipart 2

On that note, I was craving for motherly pleasures only some weeks back and it’s hard to believe but God did hear my prayers.
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!

My FIL also needs an equal amount of limelight here. He’s a man of great support and substance. You name your trouble and the man has a quick-fix for it. Right there.
From getting my kitchen chopper repaired magically to cleaning my scooter and making it look sparkling clean and nothing less, every day before I headed out for work, the man did it all.
Further, he jam-packed the refrigerator with fruits and vegetables and milk and sweets and profuse love if I may say so.

As the days for our shifting process for the house were nearing, every night after I returned from work, my FIL and I would tape the cartons and pack our things in them. Shoes, books and some kitchen appliances were things I packed with him.

Sadly, my FIL had to leave for Ratlam ahead of our shifting process given some family commitments. I got the news of Prateek booking his tickets while I was in my office and I started shedding tears.
There’s a word called cry-baby. Yes, I am that.

The days when they lived with us, Prateek and I had no worries. Pure bliss and carefree days they were. Waking up late in the mornings, devouring yummy food, shopping endlessly, no constant mental reminders of rushing back home as soon as the office hours end to cook dinner, for mother dearest took care of that.
From cooking my favourite lauki kofte ki kadhi to making fritters when it rained, I had pure royal days when they were here.

Image result for blast from the past clipart

So is it safe to say that I am #LivingInWithdrawals?

A blast from the past, I hope to come back with other engrossing posts soon. Till then, happy reading.


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