Moving Into A New House | Prateek & Priyam


In my last post I shared about Prateek and me shifting to a new house, AND hurrrrayy, we did! We moved into a 2BHK on June 1, 2017 and it was nothing like a sunny or fiery morning as I was contemplating it to be, thanks to the month of May that promises a sweltering climate. Indeed we were truly blessed to have an oh-so-breezy weather that shifting our things was a no-sweat task!

The day began divinely with a shower of rain and sheer serene climate. Recalling, Prateek and me were fishing for a loading tempo early morning driving through the rain kissed roads and bumping our scooter into puddles of water giving us oodles of joy – just like children!
The wet sand kindled my senses to shun the drive and enjoy the weather instead. But, shifting was our priority that day.

We found our packers and movers service in a kind-hearted man who cheerfully consented to load and unload our household chattels in his loading tempo. We, our cartons and our luggage bags had to be brought down from the 4th floor and be mounted again to the 1 st floor in our new house. We had a lot of things I reckon now.

Prateek, my mother-in-law and myself, we all geared up and brought down all the cartons and luggage bags one by one. An elevator was to our rescue gladly. After carefully placing everything in the loading tempo, re-adjusting it once or twice here and there, we in conclusion headed out for our new house.

The new house was bigger, better, ventilated and fantastically light-filled. All this gave me joy for I am a sucker for airy houses and natural light. Bliss, solace and elation at their zenith.

As the first two days passed, we had unboxed almost all of our things barring three or four cartons which had purely my inessential things and could be safely neglected for the time considering we had unpacked a lot already and were weary and teary top to bottom.

A special mention to a super-woman here –  my mother-in-law!

I think had my mother-in-law not been there for help for all the shifting process, I would have buried myself somewhere in between the luggage bags and cartons. Prateek and me were entirely washed out. But, Lord bless my mother-in-law. She has the power of an army in her.
She went on unpacking, cleaning, dusting, wiping, arranging things without a break. I indeed had to ask her to sit and breathe, so that Prateek and I could also sit guilt-free. We were lazing around and dear mother-in-law was working. Guilty children.

With this, our shifting was a lovely and memorable process.

My mother-in-law was due to leave for home, Ratlam on June 4, 2017.

Image result for train clipart

After seeing her off at the railway station, Prateek and I came back home. Prateek had no idea what was awaiting him. I came home and I burst into tears. I burst into tears like a child.
I cried and I cried and I cried some more. My home missed my mother-in-law. It missed her warmth. It missed her love. It missed her cooking with the aroma of ginger in the house. It missed her. I missed her.

Recollecting now, I realize I was crying back then to a state where I could not even speak to her on the phone. Once I was through with my crying and I came back to being normal, I began to search for all the things she had left behind at home as a sweet reminder of her coming back again soon.

My collectibles remind me of her- Vaseline body lotion, handkerchief and a MAC lipstick because I loved the shade and she gave it to me!

Image result for lipstick  clipart

Ah, mothers!

I hope she comes back soon and I hope for myself to come back with other engrossing posts. Till then, happy reading!


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