Udaipur Travelogue | Exploring Udaipur, Day 2

Dayyy 2!

As we were ending day 1, our bodies were stiff with pain. Entirely inanimate. We couldn’t walk, not even a step.
But for day 2 I had done a lot more math than I did for day 1 and I couldn’t let all of that go to waste. We had to visit all the places on our bucket list on day 2 itself. Why?

March 13 was holi! The city, market, palaces, temples, parks, ropeway…..everything, everything would be closed.

Day 2 began and we had decided the prior night itself that we’d set out for the day early. We decided 0900 hours.
We left our hotel at 1100 hours. Mental. Mental. Mental.

Day Two

City Palace

There’s no doubt of me putting that place on the bucket list. Is there?

City Palace in all of it’s form exudes of aristocracy, grandeur, colours, glass work, galleries, plentiful windows, narrow paths and staircases. Narrow paths and staircases lead to small doors so as to prevent the enemy to enter and invade with force. I overheard a guide tell that to the tourists.


City Palace also has ivory weapons and doors and its walls have stories inspired from the real lives and battles of kings and queens painted on on them in a striking manner.


The palace justifies the word palace. It’s royal, it’s huge, it’s historic and it is beautifully preserved and is showcased to the public. Everything you look at speaks of history that is regal in it’s own ways.
Colourful glasses, zenana mahal, silver utensils, kitchen of the palace, restrooms of the royal rulers, spacious verandahs (verandahs, the likelihood of which is to fit a standard house in them), silver trophies, scenic views of Lake Pichola from the windows, Maharana Pratap – his life, armour, horse and battle, elephant jewellery, pure glasswork on the walls of the rooms and a whole lot more.

The palace has a galore of beauty to offer. Every new room/area you enter gives you a plethora of history, art, details and artifacts. With a ton of guides walking around you accompanying their guests/group, you may eavesdrop I suggest and hear some historic facts too.
I’ll let the pictures say more for I fear my words will fail to cover and justify the beauty of City Palace.

Sajjangarh Biological Park

Post lunch, we decided to visit the Sajjangarh Biological Park.  The zoo as I like to call it is satisfactorily maintained. Glimpses of wild animals like tiger, lion, lioness, sloth bear, panther, leopard etc., which are much fancied and sought after by the visitors can be easily spotted here.
These animals are not in the best of their form and wildness as I believe, they mostly keep resting.
Animlas such as a tortoise, deer, black-buck, wild cat, crocodile, fox, wolf and an ostrich can also be seen.

Oh, I forgot to mention, there is a track which one can take and walk on and visit the biological park on foot. The path stretch is long and the walking gets steep.
You can also rent a bicycle and ride on the track or there is also the fine option of renting a golf cart for 90 minutes. They claim so, we visited and came back in 30 minutes in the golf cart.
I will suggest you to take a golf cart only and not experiment with your strength. Just a tip. Sit peacefully under the cart shade and enjoy the ride. The cart stops at every animal’s cage and allows you to step out and go see the animal. Take your time and enjoy.

Ending this place with wild memories (whoopee), we had to quickly head to Lake Pichola for boating. Well wait. We got a little puzzled here.

Things I Do And Annoy Prateek With

I wanted to do a typical boat ride and not the motor/speed boat ride. A typical boat ride?
One where there is a wooden boat with oars and an oarsman uses the latter to move the former. With this going on in the background, I sit like a prima donna and dip my fingers in water and splash water here and there and feel godlike.
A boat where I had to pedal along with Prateek would have also worked. I could do away a little with my former mental image of an ideal boat ride. But, alas!
There were only speed/motor boats. Boating cancelled.
I was only going to feel human again and not godlike.
We had done a motor boat ride in Fateh Sagar Lake already.

Camel Ride – Lake Pichola Lakefront

Camel ride – Prateek – Camel ride with Prateek.

Explains it all. I wanted to do the camel ride with him ❤

It was a beautiful ride along the lakefront of Lake Pichola. It indeed was irenic and lovely.

Bouncy was the ride, I constantly felt like I’ll fall. Animals in their best forms are quite fascinating I believe.

Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park

Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park is a park as the name touts. It’s an unsoiled place blooming with foliage all around. It’s simply elegant.
There are swings in the park like teeter-totters, curving slides and merry-go-round. There are fountains and lush green grass everywhere. A sunset point is there too. The sunset point is what makes the park talked-about.

Stationed just by Lake Pichola, you can watch the sun go down there. It’s like the sun sinks into water and pours colours into the lake water. Red – Yellow – Orange.
Lighting effect created on water when sunset takes place is something that I am touched about.
There are a few fountains and a couple of spaces inside the park where one can take panoramic and scenic pictures. Nature, greens, water, flowers, fountains, lakefront positioning of the park and sandstone all weave together and make the place unruffled.

Sukhadia Circle Fountain And Boating

I was determined to find a place where I can act like a starlet and enjoy the simple boat ride. Nothing to do with speed/motor boat. Just a simple boat with oars and all things traditional.

Thanks to the auto-rickshaw men I asked and they told me that I can enjoy something like this at Sukhadia Circle.

Please note, something like this.

Sukhadia Circle is a pond. Man-made pond. It turned out to be undersized when compared with my apprehensions about it. The water there was contaminated and had decayed plants underneath. Believe me, you cannot and you do not want to put your hands down in the green-black water. To add to all of this, the boats there were swan-shaped. Swan -shaped. Swan-shaped.
I kept repeating the last words incessantly to Prateek. We were going to do a swan boat ride.
All my simple boat ride fancies had drowned in the Sukhadia Circle pond after seeing it.
Keeping aside all of this, I went ahead for the starlet-boat-ride-experience.

But, boating with him was something I craved to do dearly. Little things in love. Old-fashioned at heart you see ❤

Saheliyon Ki Bari

The place was exclusively designed and constructed keeping in mind a royal woman. A queen, a princess.
Hello Your Highness.
The place was put together I believe after reckoning as to what the heart of a royal woman desired for and of course with a pinch of magnificence.
A pinch? Pinches of magnificence.
The notion of the place is simple. Whenever a queen or a princess desired to step out and take a royal walk or outing along with her royal maids, this was the go-to place for them. The place is heavenly. I was smitten by the bari’s  wildly.


As you enter, be prepared woman to feel uplifted and be transported to wonderland.

Marble flooring and fountains in a line on both your sides will welcome you in all their grandiose. Water from the fountains touches your feet and it is a feeling I cannot explain by words.


You enter and you can smell the raw fragrance of water, of flowers, of leaves and of sensuality.

The opening bari is an affair with the babble and the burble of water. Centre-piece fountain with clean water. High walls together with dense trees guard the water fountain pond. Stirred my soul.

There is a bari which is furbished with a pond and a fountain as the centre-piece coupled with brimming water. Lotus grows in that pond. I have never seen so many lotus-es grow in a pond so seductively and immaculately. I beyond doubt wanted to dive into the lotus pond and swim. I could swim there all day.
Pick me up and send me to lotus pond heaven.
The bari was further beautified with big marble-cut elephants fixated at equal distances. The kings and queens back then worked with such symmetry and geometry I tell you.


There are other bari’s in the area too. Comparatively smaller and simpler ones. I did not visit all of them, but I did visit one or two more. They were for the purpose of strolling around more I believe.

I was exceedingly happy that day 2 ended with a place as luxuriant as Saheliyon Ki Bari.

Ecstasy at its prime.
Pure nirvana.


Day 3, bring it on!

रंग बरसे भीगे चुनरवाली रंग बरसे……हो रंग बरसे भीगे चुनरवाली रंग बरसे…..होली है.


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