Udaipur Travelogue | Exploring Udaipur, Day 3

रंग बरसे भीगे चुनरवाली रंग बरसे……हो रंग बरसे भीगे चुनरवाली रंग बरसे…..होली है.

I missed celebrating holi in my hometown so dearly. I remember how I was yearning in my heart that day about the joy of splashing colours on my family members and making merry with them just like I always did in the yester years.
I however in the longest time had been longing for an offbeat experience of celebrating the festival of colours in a place other than my own hometown. Hence, Udaipur!

We were acquaint that the market, tourist places and eating joints will all be closed on Holi. Roughly we had visited all the places in Udaipur that was inked on our bucket list, barring Karni Mata Mandir.
Shopping and wandering the streets and market of Udaipur were the sole plans that we had kept reserved for March 13, 2017 – Holi!

The locals had informed us that there is a slight possibility of the market opening up post 1500-1600 hours.

Do Me A Favour Let’s Play Holi

For Holi, we stepped out dauntlessly, ready to be besmirched in colours. We did not know anyone. Nobody knew us. We were superfluously shy to begin with in applying colours to strangers. But, that was the whole point I feel.
Why did I leave my family and come in a different city at Holi time? I wanted to do this and I wanted to live this!
We steered clear from our coyness and started applying colours to people. We went on and on from there on. We didn’t look back .

We had gone to Gangaur Ghat and had played holi there. There was a DJ that was organised by the locals there and all the public from the vicinity kept flowing in to that area and was dancing insanely to the beats of it. This without an intermission went on for hours.

A night before Holi, the area where we were putting up at, Jagdish Chowk, the auto-rickshaw drivers of that area had organised a DJ show coupled with dance performances. Oh I tell you, they were amazing. I never thought that auto-rickshaw drivers would harmonize such a delightful evening.

Back to Holi – we had walked the lanes of Udaipur just like locals and our colourful happy faces after a couple of hours said it all. We were covered in colours. We were smiling. We were laughing. We lived it. We lived the experience.

And when tiredness and hunger took over the Holi fever, we headed back to our hotel. Bathrooom, where are you?

Heading out – Streets Of Udaipur

After bathing and gobbling down food like monsters, we headed out for the streets and the market. Now it was my time. Only my time. Not Prateek’s too. Why?

We went to varied shops. All home decor goods.
Udaipur lanes are narrow. Confined. Constricted. But, they are peppered with stunning items. You just cannot pass by shops and not fancy the things on display at least once. I turned my head against so many shops only because Prateek was hurrying me through them in fear that I will shop like a maniac and loose control.

I managed to shop for quite a lot of things still. Home decor mostly.
The markets are laden with leather diaries, bags and wallets, lights, exquisite jewellery, footwear, artwork and a lot more. Artists there specialize in miniature artwork. Painting of all possible things and humans. There are a zillion shops where artists create art.
Miniature art is the mod there.

Udaipur ended on a beautiful note for us. Water, sunshine, street walking, lake side dining, shopping and colours.

I am at a loss of words I suppose, but Udaipur, you were a sweet thrill!  ❤

I hope the reader finds my travel experience engrossing and informative.

Happy Reading.


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