International Women’s Day 2017 | Inspirational Women In My Life

A Very Happy Women’s Day to all the beautiful women out there!

Women are creators, nurturers and transformers. I personally hold fathomless faith in these words. Wise words I reckon.

There are a few women in my life who have added value to me as a person in some way or the other. These women have touched parts of my soul and I have eternal love for them. Present-day, these women continue to inspire me to grow, be cheerful and take on everything that life has to offer.

So, taking International Women’s Day 2017 as an opportune day, I am writing to express my gratitude to the women who have inspired me in my life.

My Grandmother | Pushpa Kabra

She’s magic. She has been handling me and making me learn about life and otherwise since a small age. She has unconditionally loved me and has done innumerable things for me – things I have lost a count of. Her goodness makes me cry.

Teaching me. Academically. She taught me a lot. Maths. English. Science.

Listening to me endlessly. Endlessly. Mind you, I have the capacity to be a bunkum all day errday. (everyday)

After listening to me all day, she has the best advice to render. Thoughtful, practical and a harm-nobody-advice.

Oiling my hair infinitely. I have been extreme and have woken her up at midnight and pestered her to just oil my hair because I craved of having the softness of her fingers massage my scalp. Yes, been there, done that. I wasn’t the best granddaughter.

She always gave me food. Food from the kitchen, food from her plate, food of her share. She never ate, she gave it all to me. All. You want an apple? Let me get you coffee. Here, eat this parantha, it’s very healthy. Tonight I’ll make chapattis for you. Endless shower of food.

She lectured me about being beautiful. Do this – do that – apply this – be a girl!

Out of all her grandchildren, she connects with me the most. She tells me everything. Everything she feels, she wants to discuss, she wants to do, she wants to buy, everything.

Can I keep on going about her? I suppose no.

My grandmother is my life. She’s my love. I am her shadow.

My Sister |  Bhoomika Kabra

Now, well my sister is younger to me biologically. But wait, read ahead, she is the smarter one. She’s practical and brainy, I cannot glorify her now. She is the little one. Little love.

One person I go to for help is my sister. Always. I cry – I call her. She senses a change in my mood without a hitch. I need something to be proof read – I send it to her. I trust her. Blindly.
I need clothes without spending a penny of mine – I open her wardrobe like a boss and rob her. I need to explain something to my parents – I tell her.
She has wit. She has calmness and patience. She’s the elder one mentally. The word sister says it all.

Mother For All Intents And Purposes | Gulnaaz Fatima Rizvi

She’s my mother beautiful. My mother for all intents and purposes. This woman has taught me life. She got me into the field of content. She taught me how to love, how to move ahead in life, about people, life lessons, work lessons and what not. She is the one I run to for even a pinch of help I need.
Our relationship strengthened on common interests like love for food, sarcasm and loving people immensely. I have fought her, loved her, fought her more but nobody can love me like her. We have fought on issues like how can she have a friend other than me in her life. Need I say anything else about my love and possessiveness for her?
She helps me like no one else. She guides me like no one else. She listens to my rants always. More than talking about her, I talk about myself to her. She listens patiently. She never backed out.

I do not plan to get swayed away. Let’s cease the post.
I yearn to be with these incredible women to get the most of them. My saviours, my guides and my love.

A Very Happy Women’s Day Lovelies.

Happy Reading.


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