Singular & Plural Concept In A Poem | Let’s Be Kids Again


This blog was the brew of a lot of speculation and argumentation in my head and with my husband back in January 2017. A short poem that I am sharing today, it somehow was the closing rationale that I was absolute to have the initiation of my blog.

A piece of work that I worked upon at my workplace – the publishing house. It’s a poem that I penned down when I was working on the theme ‘Singular & Plural’. Working on that theme required me to chalk down the basic principles of the theme for children’s book – English (read grade LKG). I had decided to set the lesson into motion with a poem that elucidates the concept of ‘Singular & Plural’ to children on its own.

However, things do not go as planned.

My editor-in-chief disapproved of the poem. She found it amiss, ‘mazaa nahi aaya’. These words are still fresh in my mind. They resonate.

So, that’s how eventually I decided to start my own blog and put every piece of work there. I am going to put it up on my blog. I will. I won’t let my hard work go to waste in the name of ‘mazaa nahi aaya’. That’s how came into being. Maybe I was being stubborn and childish. But yes.

Here I am finally posting what I wrote:

Banana, bus, tooth and gun
Singular always has one!
Bananas, buses, teeth and guns
Plural is always more than one!banana

The earth, the moon & the sun
They’re all just one, all just one!
But horses, mangoes and buns
Are more than one, more than one!

Plural is always two or more
Knife goes knives and door goes doors!
Grapes, foxes, wolves and sons
They’re more than one, more than one!

Lion, dragon, kitten and button
Singular always has one!
Lions, dragons, kittens and buttons
Plural is always more than one!

Happy Reading.


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