Blog Prelude | Unfurling My Mind & Heart

With this being my first post, let’s say an introductory post, I am keeping it to talking about myself. My life, my work life, my family and a little more. Let’s see how everything will unravel and maintain its charm on the blog.


I am Priyam, Priyam Kabra. I am a content writer by profession and I am residing in Jaipur present-day. The inception of working in this field was at Voylla Fashions Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur in 2015 as an intern. Blessed was I that from an intern I turned into an employee there in a brief period.

Post working in Voylla, I worked in two publishing houses. Worked on bb309aa0375c630acae9794a0891571athree books as an author along with a workmate of mine. The books are published and are out in the market. Publishing houses are more of an editorial job. Page numbering, word count per page, designing question papers, answer key, exercises and other crass. I quit working in the publishing house. What do they say, it was not my cup of tea? Yes. It was not.

Got married in November 2016, I am currently juggling between the sweet affairs of a married life and with that come the errands too. I met my husband at my workplace, Voylla, and was swayed away totally. Love! He was the typical dork software engineer who kept working all day and all night on his black screen with neon colours as I used to call it back then. He untangled my black screen and neon colour theory and said that it was his part of coding on the computer. I laugh about that now.

Meeting my husband, Prateek Tiwari has everything to do with a beautiful soul – my mother. My mother for all intents and purposes, Gulnaaz Rizvi. She is the godmother who made me and my husband meet. She is the one who set us up. I hated my husband initially. Yes, hate. She made it happen! Love finds its way. Trust me when I say that.

Prateek used to write codes mostly. He majorly was a geek. I loved that. We graduated from him saying ‘Ghar Drop Kar Deta Hun Kyunki Mein Free Hun And Mere Paas Khudke Ghar Jaake Kuch Karne Ko Nahi’ to ‘Drop Kar Deta Hun, Humein Zyada Time Sath Mein Milega’. Not deviating to my love story, that’s how love happened!

Early Life – Life Before I Started Working – Life When I Was Studying And Being Cranky Most Of The Times

I have been a person to be associated with erratic things. My father always grumbled and fretted that I always indulge in insubstantial things which will get me nowhere in life, but I wanted to do them nevertheless. Even if I knew that it would be a fail in the end, I still have always wanted to have my own experience at being a fail. First-hand experience. I think I have been supremely rebellious.

I went to volunteer/work at every possible place in a hope that it would be a catalyst to my job hunt in the future. This is what was inane and hollow in my father’s opinion. To be upfront now, these places got me nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. They did not help me get any job whatsoever. In the end, they were mere certificates which no one ever cared to ask for at any interview. I have wasted my time liberally at such places.

As of my friends and family, I am not a very engaging or an amiable person. I love my family. They’re a group of happy maniacal people. They hardly apprehend anything that I do, they never apprehend in fact, but it’s okay. I love them!

Friends, I don’t have many. As it’s said, I can count them on my fingers. I have a scant number when it comes to great friends. I trust, love and cherish these few people. People have come and gone and taught me lessons, sweet and sour both. Hence, I say again, only a few people I love dearly. Dearly.

At present, I am dwelling in the Pink City – Jaipur. I have been yearning to write since I was working in the publishing house. I did write, and I always thought my writing was ridiculous. I deleted what I wrote. Always. Now that I am not working anywhere at present, I have a calm and a peaceful mind to write with.

I plan to write more about myself, my work, content work that I have previously done, my family, friends, lessons in life, travel stories and food stories. Keeping an eye for other contemporary topics, I wish to fill your heart with joy and an expectation for more while you read.

Enough said.

Bye Bye.

I hope the reader finds my post engrossing.

Happy Reading.


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