Recipe | Grilled Mayo Cabbage Sandwich

Hello! Having known about my love for food in the last blog post and that I enjoy eating only a select few dishes, welcome to another post about revolving around food. In this post, I am taking you through another favourite dish of mine which is the grilled mayonnaise cabbage sandwich. A weak version of the traditional … Continue reading Recipe | Grilled Mayo Cabbage Sandwich


The Love For | Saras Parlour Jaipur

As I shared that I am a lover of food wherein what I eat and what I drink is simple and comforting, this brings me to pen down about yet another favourite food joint of mine that’s simple and sustaining – The Saras Parlour in Jaipur. Now, there are quite a few shams associated with … Continue reading The Love For | Saras Parlour Jaipur

Weekend Dining | The Vegetarian Grill

I have always had an intense and sentimental relationship with food. Eating food gives me the kind of goosebumps that girls and women often get when they hear Ryan Gosling or for that matter George Clooney ladies? An unintelligent example I know, but food is the purest form of love for me. Also, having said … Continue reading Weekend Dining | The Vegetarian Grill

Travelling & Shopping | Ratlam & Indore

When you're bullied by your husband to take a sandwich leave from your workplace & travel to his hometown to attend a friend's wedding, that's how a weekend trip comes into being. Hello dear reader! I hope you enjoyed reading my post where I spoke about my carefree days when my in-laws were here on … Continue reading Travelling & Shopping | Ratlam & Indore

Shopping Therapy | Melange By Lifestyle & Karigari

Hello! In my earlier journals, I have been chattering about how I shopped endlessly with my in-laws and how there was no end to it. Having shopped for quite a bit, I thought, a post on my favourite purchase and insights from my shopping spree? HowwBowwDahh? I was intending to shop at Lifestyle Stores essentially … Continue reading Shopping Therapy | Melange By Lifestyle & Karigari

Carefree Days | Parents On Visit

Hello! In my last post, I shared about how Prateek and I shifted to our new house with plentiful help from my mother-in-law and father-in-law. However nothing did I mention about my father-in-law, so here's a dedicated post to the man too. My mother-in-law, the superwoman as I quoted her, recently visited us accompanied with … Continue reading Carefree Days | Parents On Visit

Moving Into A New House | Prateek & Priyam

Hello! In my last post I shared about Prateek and me shifting to a new house, AND hurrrrayy, we did! We moved into a 2BHK on June 1, 2017 and it was nothing like a sunny or fiery morning as I was contemplating it to be, thanks to the month of May that promises a … Continue reading Moving Into A New House | Prateek & Priyam